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Pledge £20.24 per month and join us! You'll receive a printable charter, exclusive access to events and featured promotion as a LAB member. Open to both local businesses and individuals from the city and the wider diaspora.

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We have some the worlds finest companies one our doorstep. We are looking for a small number of large corporates willing to put their shoulder to the wheel, support a more strategic range of outreach actions and spread our LAB mission across the world.

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About LAB

What is LAB?

The LAB Fund (meaning Leadership, Ambition & Belief) is a philanthropic crowd-fund which kickstarts the best new initiatives emerging from Derry, including projects, events, businesses, startups and social enterprises. To enable this, LAB asks local people and local businesses to contribute to the fund on on a regular basis – until December 2024.

Our primary ask is for the symbolic (but nominal) amount of £20.24 per month. Whilst not a huge amount, if 250 were contributing, it would be £5,000. And if were 500… it would be £10k! A lot of us, giving a little, can make a huge difference.

Who are we?

LAB is a project by Your Derry Community Interest Company, a platform of almost 15k members across the City, region and connecting diaspora across the world. The fund is solely focused on building, developing and celebrating the best of Leadership, Ambition and Belief across both ‘People and Place’. LAB is about the City taking control of its own destiny, grasping positive change and driving projects, businesses and communities who want to improve and grow.

What we will do:

The (LAB) Fund will:

  • Resource, grow and support the development of high growth SME’s and entrepreneurs.
  • Provide much needed seed and growth capital for social enterprise and
  • Deliver much needed funding to local community based projects and groups across the NW region.

How will we fund it:

LAB is asking local businesses to sign up to the LAB Charter as commitment to helping the City thrive, grow and succeed. Members are asked to sign up to a monthly subscription of just £20.24 per month and commit to the values of the LAB Charter Fund. Sign up to our Charter HERE. Individuals are also welcome to sign up and proudly display their LAB Charter. Larger Corporates or Individuals who wish to become Corporate Ambassadors are asked to get in touch HERE.

What we will support:

The 2024 LAB fund will support on projects on an ongoing basis such as:

  • Uncovering and nurturing local entrepreneurs (private and social) who need seed or growth money to realise brilliance and benefit
  • Mobilise a new generation of specialised business mentors with a real and local stake in making this region bigger and better for all
  • Finding and supporting social enterprise and community champions which need resources and funding to put real wealth and health back into the region
  • An absolute focus on self-help, courage and the need for self determination
  • Honour, integrity and good governance in everything delivered by the Fund
  • Supporting individual Ambassadors from the NW community representing the very best of Charter values at a national or international level

Where can you find us?

We are happily located within the Your Derry Headquarters at ‘The AMP’ Columba Terrace Derry.