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Pledge £20.24 per month and join us! You'll receive a printable charter, exclusive access to events and featured promotion as a LAB member. Open to both local businesses and individuals from the city and the wider diaspora.

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We have some the worlds finest companies one our doorstep. We are looking for a small number of large corporates willing to put their shoulder to the wheel, support a more strategic range of outreach actions and spread our LAB mission across the world.

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Am I legally or financially bound to pay until 2024?

April 5, 2019

No! Whilst obviously we hope to retain everyone’s financial backing until the end of challenge in December 2024, you can, if you so wish, cancel your subscription at any time (by logging into your account) and you will not be liable to make any further payments. You pay voluntarily and your commitment is a verbal and aspirational pledge – and is not binding in law or by any financial regulation. If you do cancel, your profile will simply delist from the website and you will not appear as a backer/member any longer.

If in the event you need to take a break from paying into the fund, for whatever reason, your subscription can also be ‘paused’. However your profile/listing on the LAB website will disappear until payment is resumed.