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Pledge £20.24 per month and join us! You'll receive a printable charter, exclusive access to events and featured promotion as a LAB member. Open to both local businesses and individuals from the city and the wider diaspora.

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We have some the worlds finest companies one our doorstep. We are looking for a small number of large corporates willing to put their shoulder to the wheel, support a more strategic range of outreach actions and spread our LAB mission across the world.

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Who will decide what ideas and initives are funded?

March 19, 2019

For fairness, the judging panel for each round will be selected from the member organisations currently signed up to the charter. We will select 1-2 private sector businesses, plus one third sector organisation (charity or social enterprise)  to make the decisions at each award round alongside a member of Your Derry’s director panel. Representatives from each organisation will shortlist the initial applicants, and then pick the eventual winners after a short pitch session. It is our goal to make both the application and pitch process as nimble and time effective as possible without compromising the integrity of the process.