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Pledge £20.24 per month and join us! You'll receive a printable charter, exclusive access to events and featured promotion as a LAB member. Open to both local businesses and individuals from the city and the wider diaspora.

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We have some the worlds finest companies one our doorstep. We are looking for a small number of large corporates willing to put their shoulder to the wheel, support a more strategic range of outreach actions and spread our LAB mission across the world.

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Will I get my investment back or own shares in the new initiatives?

March 26, 2019

No. The LAB Fund is an entirely philanthropic fund which asks those with a vested interest in our city to give something back and help talented and innovative people and projects get started. Our city and region have long suffered from high unemployment, low income and lack of investment, but it has never been short on creativity, passion, innovation or work ethic. The LAB Fund seeks to bridge this gap, even a little, to give those who truly deserve it a foot up.